Definition of Public Record

Records include all records kept by any public office as well as records of both non-profit and for-profit private schools. 1

Exemptions to Public Records

Exempt: Personal bank records; medical records; adoption records; probation and parole records; and certain law enforcement investigative records. 2

Who Can Make The Request?


Response Timeframe

Timeframe not specified. 3

Information on Fees

In general, fees of the actual cost of materials, but not labor, may be charged. The Department of Motor Vehicles may charge additional fees for data requested for marketing or other commercial purposes. 4

Enforcement Mechanisms

Enforcement is primarily through lawsuits, and a request does not need to be rejected before a requester may sue. Courts may award attorneys fees in many cases, and must if the agency simply ignored the request or misses a promised response date. In addition, a court may award a $100 per business day in punitive fees. 5

Attorney Fees

Although it is not guaranteed, you can still win your attorney fees provided you win your appeal in court. 6

Do You Want to Make a Public Records Request?

The public records process begins with a public records request. Our guide outlines best practices for drafting well-defined requests for public information.

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