Statutory Citation: Wyo. Stat. § 16-4-201 et seq.

Definition of Public Record

The definition of records includes all documents, no matter their physical form, that have been created or received by government agencies in the course of public business. 1

Exemptions to Public Records

Exempt: Some law enforcement investigation records; testing materials; details of state institutions’ research projects; labor negotiations; school board and university student disciplinary records; and medical records of publicly funded hospitals. 2

Who Can Make The Request?


Response Timeframe

Timeframe not specified. 3

Information on Fees

Fees charged for inspection of records are different depending on whether the records are in printed or electronic form.  A custodian may not charge for inspection of a printed record, but may charge for the reasonable search and retrieval fees for inspection of an electronic record. The Supreme Court has not ruled on what may constitute the reasonable cost of search and retrieval of electronic records.  Reasonable fees may also be charged for the copies. Wyo. Stat. § 16-4-204(b). The official custodian may charge a reasonable fee for the services rendered by him or his deputy in supervising the copying, printing or photographing when such copying, printing or photographing is performed by the requester.  Fee schedules must be established by rule, regulation, ordinance or law. 4

Enforcement Mechanisms

The District Court where the records are found.  A person denied access may seek a written explanation setting forth the reasons and legal authority for the denial.  The requester then may petition the district court for a order requiring the custodian to show cause why the records should not be released. W.S. §16-4-203(f). 5

Attorney Fees

Yes, provided you win your appeal in court. 6

Do You Want to Make a Public Records Request?

The public records process begins with a public records request. Our guide outlines best practices for drafting well-defined requests for public information.

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